I *needed* to make a personal post about some people I love.

I just got back from Austin TX last night where I was teaching a photography workshop with my amazing best friend and talented Portland OR wedding photographer Sara Byrne. I wanted to come back and write all about it here. All of the amazing people who came and talked about light and photography. All of the wonderful questions they asked. How they all stood around in the cold with us and took photos till our chilled fingers hurt from the wind.¬†And I will — I’ve been journaling since the last person left the house we taught the workshop in.

But first, I wanted to take a minute to breathe and relax. Just enjoy today. After all, I may have spent more time on the workshop that I did my senior thesis in college. Time spend just thinking, working, writing, researching, and trying to put into words the things that have become instinct to me. I want to tell you about it and how inspiring it was to get to tell everyone exactly what’s in my head, but first, I want to say how happy I am to have gotten to do it with my best friend. Sara was an amazing teacher and she’s just the best best friend. And since we enjoy being silly sometimes, this is a video of Sara I in Charleston SC in November.

And one more because my amazing boyfriend and also talented Washington DC wedding photographer Sam Hurd was so supportive and lovely. We borrowed his projector and he listened to me rehearse bits and pieces of my presentation more times than either of us would’ve liked. He’s endlessly wonderful and I can’t thank him enough for all of his support. So I also wanted to share a little video of Sam and I flying a red kite in Patterson Park, a little park two blocks away from our studio.

That’s all. Just fun videos of people I love for today. Deep breaths and positive thoughts. Take photos, love life, and feel happy.