I finally posted November’s San Francisco trip with MaryJill, and Julie just in time to need to update my blog  yet again with our trip to Palm Springs a few weeks ago. So here we are again, blog, with some photos from the desert.

Highlights of the trip: seeing my amazing friends, being that close to the mountains, visiting Joshua tree, and oddly, the staff at The Ace Hotel. The staff were all like the fantastic cruise directors from movies. The broadway singing bingo lady with the oversized orange glasses and bright jacket was my favorite, but nearly tying with her was the woman in charge of entertaining the karaoke room, which was filled with tanned middle aged vacationers. I loved how well we fit into that scene; it was such a laid back vibe. Our stay at the Ace was really incredible and every day there was relaxing.

And Joshua Tree! Joshua Tree was so beautiful. The monolithic rocks, the trees, and by happenstance, we bumped into another amazing photographer, Dorothy, who was shooting a video in the park. Even the trip to and from Joshua Tree was fantastic, with miles of wind turbines lining the roads.

If you have a trip coming up and are looking for something to do, I’ll be less helpful because we honestly spent most of our time by the pool, however! We love food and I have two recommendations for you. The two restaurants we ate that the blew my mind were Grind Brgr Bar and the pizza at Birba. Oh so tasty – both of them.  I really can’t wait to go back, but until then, here are a few favorites from the four days we visited Palm Springs.

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All Portraits at The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs by Washington DC Wedding Photographers Nessa K