Sara the Lovely and the Brenizer Method

Lifestyle / 2012 . 05 . 24
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brenizer method

Last weekend, I was in New York City for Ryan Brenizer’s workshop to help assist Ryan and also to hang out with the lovely Sara Byrne. We had a few minutes of downtime in Central Park and in the spirit of the workshop, I tried my first ever Brenizer Method series of photos with Sara as my model. This photo is comprised of 17 photos shot at f/1.2 with the 85L. I am… so in love with it.

I’m all kinds of smitten with this method now and will have to do these more soon. You can learn all about The Brenizer Method on his site and, for the record, he also does pretty rad workshops. AND if decide to try this and you come up with something you really love, you should enter it in this contest he’s having sponsored by B&H.

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  1. Reply Monique

    sehr schönes Bild. Ich finde die Methode total toll..!

  2. Reply mike

    I really want to give that contest a try. Just got to find a willing subject…

  3. Reply Emilia Jane

    SO GORGEOUS!!!!!

  4. Reply Leah Muse

    It’s kind of disturbing how much I love this photo. (and the photographer)

  5. Reply katy dennison

    totally obsessed. this is why i love you!

  6. Reply Max

    Nice one Nessa! When I stich I get tons of little stiching errors.

  7. Reply benj haisch

    winner winner, chicken dinner.

  8. Reply Jen Smith

    Wow, Nessa. You’re a fast learner! What a stunning execution (and subject) of this famed technique! Contest entry with serious win potential.

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  10. Reply coler

    you complete me

  11. Reply Heather

    This is FABULOUS!!

  12. Reply Eduardo Suastegui

    That is a terrific sample of what the method can yield. You should submit it to the B&H contest! Out of curiosity, how far where you from Sarah? Was one frame a full body frame, or did you have to composite her with several frames?

  13. Reply Lana

    beautiful photo of a beautiful girl. Very nice Nessa

  14. Reply Nick

    geeeze o pete! that is beautiful!!! Now I’m going to have to try this the next chance I get!

  15. Reply Anton Chia

    Nessa got skills. Thats all I can say. :)

  16. Reply porter

    que bonita, love this shot!

  17. Reply Chelsey

    This is all kinds of amazing. I wish my first Brenizer method photo looked like this! Nice job :)

  18. Reply Jean

    Sara, you are gorgeous! And Nessa, love everything about this shot. Truly perfection!

  19. Reply Paul Nguyen

    Great use of colours and tones! What an amazing photo!

  20. Reply Albert Palmer

    Bloody hell this is beautiful – you can’t NOT comment on it!

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