Do you ever feel a disconnect in the things you create and the audience it reaches? I sometimes feel like the only people who see what I do on Instagram or Facebook are the folks who comment or actively interact with me. Writing for my blog or my journal or, most recently, this monthly newsletter is so refreshing to me because I write it with someone just like me in mind. Someone drinking their morning coffee or riding a train or sinking into their couch — taking a break from editing or studying or work. Someone who wants to read and experience something and have a moment alone, without having to respond in some way.

Honestly, if we were at an indie show in the late 90s, I’d be handing you a poorly photocopied zine with a playlist of my favorite songs and a few stories that I thought were too awesome to not share. And god, do I wish you and I were at show right now (all I heard are the harmonic bangings of the kitchen renovations in our new home). But here we are at our computers and on our phones and I have everything ready to go in a monthly newsletter, specially catered to folks like us.

If you love art and funny little finds and stories and oddities, I think we’ll get along wondrously. Last month, I sent out a story about a 97 year old woman who lives independently in her wonderful little home, a video of my morning ritual, and a few links to art inspired by Wes Anderson. This month is a surreal artist and a recipe for one-ingredient ice cream. I am sharing because I want to share things I loved finding. I am hoping you like the things I have to show you and will share them if they resonate with you, too.

So… you in?

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