First Trip to London

London Street Shooting

Personal / 2017 . 03 . 07

Personal posts are few and far between, but here’s a bit from my journal on my first trip to London, with a few photos of my boyfriend Sam and my talented London photographer friend Shell

“Driving in, I didn’t feel fancy or particularly sophisticated. Mascara smudged, face puffy from lack of sleep. “What was that address again, love?” The driver asked as we pulled into a tunnel. He turned on talk radio and the hum of the interstate and phone recordings on the radio played the soundtrack to my drive into London.

British road rage is so funny – my driver shrugged a “what are you doing?” At a car who cut him off and nodded his head disapprovingly at someone parked in a driving lane so they could run into a bank.

The cars driving on the left side of the road reminded me of Alice in Wonderland – Through The Looking Glass.

Mary Poppins. Sherlock. Dr Who. I pretend to recognize suburban homes and rooftops from movies and bits of television. I could live in any of these homes. Even the boring ones that all look the same because even those have stain glass and are beautiful.

I took a 2 hour nap and found my way through the subway tunnels to the tube. I reluctantly got on the third train heading the same way and stood listening to Andrew Bird while I waited for my stop. Just one stop past Piccadilly Circus. I wandered around Topshop but it wasn’t quite what I wanted. It was fascinating to see just how like New York it is though. The cashier responded to my questions about her day as if I were a person asking about how she was doing and I bought a shirt. Nothing fancy. I just wanted to have something.

I found my way to a gluten-free and vegan restaurant and I walked around with my fork in a to-go bag and my eyes in the skyline. A man stopped to tell me that even though I had a mouth full of food and couldn’t respond to him, I look really quite cute today.

I watched some mediocre street performers while trying to determine the best time to return to my tiny flat for the night.”


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  1. Reply Zoe Barrie

    Ohhh Nessa <3 I hardly ever take time to read blog posts (wild generalisations but true) .. but I always make special effort to read yours, because I know how thoughtful and interesting they are .. this and your images. I loved how you saw London xx

  2. Reply Katie

    Stunning images Nessa! So lovely to see London through your lens xo

  3. Reply Savannah Lauren

    I always love your blog posts. This one makes me even more excited to make it to London one of these days, and the way you tell the story is my favorite.

  4. Reply Angela Ward Brown

    I loved this. Share more of these things. I really enjoyed seeing places I knew through different eyes, as much as seeing places I will never go to :)

  5. Reply Erroll Jones

    Hi Nessa, I stumbled upon your Canon 5D Mark IV review recently and loved it which it turn led me to look at your other work which I loved also. Turns out I was following you on twitter all along – clearly I’m not very good at this social media thing. Anyway just wanted to say your London images are gorgeous.

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