Jeanette & Ben

Engagement / 2012 . 04 . 19
nessa k washington dc engagement photography

I’m a little late posting this one, but this autumn engagement session with Ben and Jeanette needed to be shared. Some beautiful light, a stylish couple, and a small wooden dock.

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  1. Reply Sarah


  2. Reply Mercedes

    Very sweet! the last three have to be my most favorite. Well, the one big vertical is pretty amazing, too. Pretty couple and light :)

  3. Reply Jakob

    Effin yes. Awesome.

  4. Reply carly

    Worth the wait! Obvi!

  5. Reply Jashim

    These images are f–ing amazing!! Was this by any chance shot on film?!

  6. Reply Louie Abellera

    Love all these warm colors. Yes.

  7. Reply Julie Harmsen

    gorgeous. gorgeous. as always Nessa. :)

  8. Reply Dylan

    The super-duper flare shot.. the last frame.. oh man.

  9. Reply Bradford

    damn. so good.

  10. Reply dorothy huynh

    man these are so good.

  11. Reply gina

    how incredibly perfect …

  12. Reply Joyce

    I can’t pick a favorite, they all look like something straight out of a magazine, like a really pretty one. :) <3 them.

  13. Reply Sarah B

    Absolutely gorgeous! :)

  14. Reply Elissa


  15. Reply Shella

    Your work never ceases to amaze me! <3 these so much x

  16. Reply Erin Lassahn

    WOW Nessa! These are so dreamy and romantic! The third from the bottom (on dock with blanket) is so gorgeous that even though I don’t know them i kinda want it on my wall!

  17. Reply Igor Demba

    Crap me, this is an insanely and stupidly good session. I want your super-powers Nessa!

  18. Reply Amber Hughes


    I klove your work so much Nessa… there’s just such an honest beauty to it. Makes me feel lost in the moments. If I ever meet you in person, I would *love* to have my photo taken by you. :)

  19. Reply Amber Wilkie

    These are so cool, Nessa! I love the light leak effect. I agree – the third from the bottom is really really beautiful.

  20. Reply shannon

    Beyond gorgeous! I think this is my favorite shoot by you to date. Amazing!

  21. Reply aga

    pretty awesome stuff right here.

  22. Reply Alyssa Schroeder

    You are freakin’ amazing, Nessa. I’m off to Pinterest now with these ;)

  23. Reply Tenielle

    So beautiful! Effortlessly natural, sweet and chic. You’re a s-t-a-r xo

  24. Reply Heather

    Ahh the light! Love it! And wow she is stunning!!

  25. Reply kate

    OMG NESSA. you rock. these are absolutely stunning, every single one!!!!

  26. Reply Kim Selby

    Absolutely breathtaking. Love every single frame. Love, love, love.

  27. Reply mike

    Absolutely stunning, Vanessa.

  28. Reply Kellee Walsh

    *Gasp* These are stunning Nessa. They’re all my favourite!

  29. Reply Kyle

    I feel like I get more stylish just by looking at your blog. Though that’s definitely not true. Wishful thinking.

    I loooove the way you capture people, it’s so unique yet so consistently Nessa!

    PS. What lens were you using for the super flare shot of her holding his collar? Me likey.

  30. Reply Sachin Khona

    Shakin my head at how unbelievably redic’ these are .. so good Nessa!

  31. Reply Brian Davis

    Freakin awesome Nessa. Lovely work. Really like the light leaks.

  32. Reply Jesse Pafundi

    Holy crap, these are sensational.

  33. Reply Brian Furbush

    These are absolutely stunning – some of the best e-sesh shots I’ve seen.

  34. Reply mae

    love this set. those frames through the window are just beautiful.

  35. Reply James

    Oh nessa, these are stunning! I love your shooting style and your processing you have a fantastic eye! x

  36. Reply Max

    Oh wow… just plain WOW. I love these Nessa

  37. Reply Anton Chia

    Those kiss shots are so soft and dreamy so emotionally evoking. Sweet, beautiful!

  38. Reply Darin Collison

    Beautiful, beautiful work. Lovely light, gorgeous couple, amazingly captured.

  39. Reply Aria

    Amazing! Beautiful posing and lighting!

  40. Reply ed peers

    So good Nessa.

  41. Reply Serena

    Nessa – these are absolutely breathtaking. Loving every single one of these images!

  42. Reply Mere S.

    Oh wow! these are so so good.

  43. Reply Gedas Girdvainis

    loveee it nessa! :)

  44. Reply Julie Cope

    They’re so romantic together. Your frames are like those from a movie. Gorgeous, Nessa!

  45. Reply Paul Krol

    tremendous job here Nessa. Those pics are effing epic!!! :-))

  46. Reply Derek Martinez

    These are amazing Nessa! Love everyone of them.

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