Cherelle & Donald

Washington DC Wedding Pictures

Weddings / 2017 . 10 . 10

I like the kind of cold days where the sun shines brightly, but the wind still bites your skin a bit. The light only gives the illusion of warmth, as we find ourselves a little taken aback when our noses hit the cold air. I remember this day for it’s warm light, it’s cold air, and the friends Donald and Cherelle surrounded themselves with as we walked around DC, exploring gardens that were clinging to their last bit of color in the wintertime. We stood in awe of the winter sunlight and we held our coats close as the sunlight faded and we drifted indoors for dancing, food, and heartfelt toasts.

This wedding day was about love. In the cold air, in the warm sun, in every smile that happened across their faces on that day.

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Kirstin & Francis

Patapsco Female Institute Wedding Photos

Weddings / 2017 . 10 . 03

I kind of love these rainy day Patapsco Female Institute wedding photos because it’s a venue without any kind of coverage from the sky and I think that’s part of what made this day so beautiful.

Admittedly, I love when a rain plan is “umbrellas.” It felt a lot like the rain was meant to happen on this day because it never erupted into a full downpour, just light sprinkling at all the right times. Kirstin and Francis walked joyfully around in the light drizzle after their first look, words muffled at times from the umbrella’s dome, the soft patting sound of large rain drops hitting inches from the tops of their heads. The ceremony was tearful, beautiful, and warm and after, guests gathered around to share stories, catch up, and eat pizza and ice cream.

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Julie & Mike

Maas Building Wedding Photos Philadelphia

Weddings / 2017 . 08 . 22

Philadelphia has the tendency to attract amazing, creative people and this is a post about two of said individuals. I met them for the first time as we climbed up a hillside to some cliffs for their engagement session and liked them immediately. Julie and Mike are amazingly creative and parents to a super cute Boston Terrier, which will forever make me both terribly happy and jealous. Mike is hilarious, Julie tends to always be beaming, and they were married at the Maas Building in Philadelphia.

It was a ceremony surrounded by friends and family on a day peppered with Julie’s design style. Black macrame with giant palm leaves, candlesticks, pink glassware, gold details, and fresh eucalyptus filled the tables and the air… and this is how their day went.