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Hannah & John

Saint Johns Church Baltimore Wedding Photographers

Weddings / 2018 . 01 . 02

It doesn’t happen often that I get to shoot in the snow. Sometimes, old snow sits on the ground in the background, sometimes dirty tracks in the snow can be found halfway through the day, but fresh snow is something typically reserved for early risers. And that’s why this day felt so amazing. It started snowing in the morning and covered Baltimore in a blanket of white and kept it fresh all afternoon. And instead of fretting, Hannah put on snow boots under her dress, Jon put on a dapper coat, and they had their first look in front of a red brick building, so perfectly representative of B-more.

The ceremony and reception were both at St. Johns Church which is officially one of the most Baltimore venues I’ve ever set foot in. Of course, when I walked in and remembered I’d been in the building for the annual craft fairs, but instead of being full of paper artists, artfully created clothing, and homemade food for sale, the room was lit by string lights and full of inviting tables and chairs and the tables were peppered with pinecones and needles, setting the stage perfectly on this very snowy day.

They had pizza and cakes, danced into the night, and this is how it went.

Allison & Ryan

Josephine Butler Parks Center Wedding Photos

Weddings / 2017 . 11 . 28

Allison and Ryan were married at Dalgren Chapel in Georgetown, where their love began. When it rained, they ran through the raindrops and Allison’s umbrella flip inside out while she and all of her bridesmaids laughed and sloshed through puddles to get inside. When it shined, they spun in the rays outside before dancing in the corridor.

They day dripped of gold, joy, and a bit of rain. The Josephine Butler Parks Center set the scene, and this is how their wedding happened.

Providence Canyon State Park

Christian & Anna

Providence Canyon State Park Elopement Pictures

Weddings / 2017 . 10 . 31