corn field engagement pictures maryland

David & Brooke

Corn Field Engagement Session Maryland

Engagement / 2017 . 08 . 15

We talked about the weather, since it called for rain. It was going to be overcast, but we decided to meet up at sunrise to see what happened.

There were corn fields and wheat fields bumped up next to each other. stretching from hill to hill in the distance. The world appeared to be split down the middle; green and gold. David and Brooke cuddled up in corn, ran through wheat fields, and we walked around farms before anyone but the chickens were up. This is how our sunrise session went.

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Chris & Brian

Gay Wedding Photographers DC

Engagement / 2017 . 06 . 27

Brian & Chris are on a row team in DC which meant I spent a lot of the session asking about the people I only knew as the figures rowing in boats around DC at ungodly hours of the morning who make me feel lazy. I still can’t remember if it’s called boating or kayaking or rowing, but they indulged my questions and for a morning, I felt like an expert. They’re two lovely men who were kind enough to meet me for a sunrise session, share their love of the sport with me, and we ended their engagement session at a coffee house with funny mugs, colorful walls, and lots of laughs.

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Christopher & Katie

Cliff Engagement Pictures Maryland

Engagement / 2017 . 05 . 16

You don’t expect to laugh as much as you sometimes have the chance to when you’re first hanging out with new people. But through getting to know them in between my huffing and puffing (there’s a natural staircase that leads you up to mountain peaks and I’m admittedly way less fit than I think I am) I learned that Katie and Christopher are a freaking joy to be around. We did a bit of hiking on an overcast day and at the very last minute of the session, the sun came out, but only for a moment. A cliff side hike in Frederick MD with the teeniest bit of sunset made for a lovely end to the session.

For 90s cartoons, red sweaters, sunset light that come out of nowhere for only a second, and love in the mountains.