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Tara & Gabe's Anniversary Session

Smoke Bomb Photo Session in Virginia

Lifestyle / 2017 . 02 . 21

I’m going to do things out of order here, OK? Because I photographed their engagement session, their wedding, and I haven’t blogged either, but this is their first anniversary session. Since the days are looking cold, feeling warm, and reminding me more of how everything came together on this day, I wanted to share Tara and Gabe’s photos from how they celebrated their first anniversary.

We took to the woods, smoke bombs in our pockets, lit them carefully (and disposed of them respectfully) and I feel happy that I know these really awesome people. Here are a few from that day together.


Heather & Mike

Cold Weather Foggy Beach Couples Portraits

Lifestyle / 2017 . 01 . 24
maryland maternity session
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Kristina & Matt

Maryland Maternity Photographers

Lifestyle / 2016 . 04 . 30

I’m not sure I’ll ever get a blog post out while a baby is still in the person I’m photographing at a maternity session. I’m too behind on blogging for that! But this session needed to be shared because I just adore these two.

I met Kristina and Matt on their wedding day for the first time. We explored the beach together, they danced into the night, and we realized that on this day, while photographing their maternity session, we really got to know each other. And they’re awesome and I’m so glad they’re procreating. It just proved to me that my clients are always the coolest people amen.