corn field engagement pictures maryland

David & Brooke

Corn Field Engagement Session Maryland

Engagement / 2017 . 08 . 15

We talked about the weather, since it called for rain. It was going to be overcast, but we decided to meet up at sunrise to see what happened.

There were corn fields and wheat fields bumped up next to each other. stretching from hill to hill in the distance. The world appeared to be split down the middle; green and gold. David and Brooke cuddled up in corn, ran through wheat fields, and we walked around farms before anyone but the chickens were up. This is how our sunrise session went.

goggle factory wedding venue

Dustin & Michele

Pennsylvania Wedding Photographers

Engagement / 2017 . 08 . 10

This post will be a long one because these are now two of my favorite people and I want to share every photo of them possible. So I’ll keep the text short because it would turn into a weird love note about how this couple is the best. Kinda. Ok? Ok.

This is Dustin and Michele. Dustin does incredible woodwork which he sells on Etsy (I keep buying these photo mountains as gifts for *everyone*) and Michele is a crazy talented photographer. They live around Philly and they like Wes Anderson (which explains so much about the engagement session we did together). They’re awesome and lovely and know how to throw a party. These are some photos from a pretty big party they threw at GoggleWorks Center for the Arts and it was kind of really amazing.

greenhouse photos Lyons Farmette
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Bethany & Simon

Wedding Photos Lyons Farmette

Engagement / 2017 . 08 . 01

The first email I got from Bethany, she said she knew she wanted me to photograph her wedding before she was even engaged. Admittedly, this made me like her immediately, but after our first chat, a conference Skype call, with Simon at home in the UK and Bethany in Colorado, I just adored them. She’s a dancer, he’s a singer, and they fell in love as they traveled around the world together in a troupe that performed and taught music to children.

This wedding was at nestled in the foothills on Colorado at The Lyons Farmette. The gardeners and farmers, who live in sleek airstream trailers, were going about their morning in the garden, as llamas and chickens lined the fences to watch guests arrive. The ceremony air smelled like flowers and the sun set slowly,  giant cool mountain shaped shadows were cast on the party. As the sky turned blue, lights were glowing orange and everyone headed to the dance tent. When certain songs started playing and music warbled through the mountains, every dancer in attendance would jump on the dance floor for choreographed dances, perfectly synced. Just muscle memory from their days touring the world performing. And this is how is went.