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Weddings / 2017 . 04 . 20

I feel fortunate that I get to travel and sometimes I get to take photos and sometimes I get to take video.

This is one of those video times.

fells point sunrise session
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Kirstin & Jon

Fells Point Sunrise Session in Baltimore

Weddings / 2017 . 03 . 28

I’m too lucky sometimes. I get to work with… really phenomenal people and on this particular morning, on this particular day, these phenomenal people happened to be Seattle wedding photographer Kirstin Marie and her husband, Jon.  The sky was like sherbet, the weather was perfect, and we got to enjoy the stillness that is Baltimore mornings, before the hustle and bustle picks up, before cars flood the streets, and, thankfully, after the trash has been swept up from the night before.

Cool people, cool places, amen. <3

wedding pictures at walkers overlook
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Amanda + Luke

Walkers Overlook Wedding Photos Frederick MD

Weddings / 2017 . 03 . 16

It was my first time at Walker’s Overlook. I really love walking into a new space without any expectations. The drive up had a row of trees which parted at the end, showing a lovely large house, with a southern style wrap around porch, inviting you in.  There were pinball machines, old cameras on shelves, and the entire setting fit the mood perfectly with Amanda and Luke. They’re amazing people and they have this incredible 1970s vibe. It’s in the details and in the way they move. Like they’re from some cool, groovier era.

They were married on a hillside, in front of a tree, near the house, on a sunny day. This is how we’ll remember it.