Hemlock Farm wedding

Rachel & Bryan

Hemlock Farm Wedding Photographs

Weddings / 2016 . 05 . 19

It’s time to tell a story about a back yard wedding, a textile artist in love, and a red barn. In this story there are two main characters, Rachel and Bryan, and the setting happened to be Hemlock Farm. It happened in autumn, on a rather sunny day, and a wedding took place. There was singing in the sunlight, dinners under string lights, laughing happening fireside, and cake in the moonlight. I can tell you about the red barn, the lemonade-stand style dessert table and the wonderful BBQ from Hemlock Farm, but, like all wedding stories, that’s just where the story begins. This is a few photos that happened one very important day, once upon a time.

maryland maternity session
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Kristina & Matt

Maryland Maternity Photographers

Weddings / 2016 . 04 . 30

I’m not sure I’ll ever get a blog post out while a baby is still in the person I’m photographing at a maternity session. I’m too behind on blogging for that! But this session needed to be shared because I just adore these two.

I met Kristina and Matt on their wedding day for the first time. We explored the beach together, they danced into the night, and we realized that on this day, while photographing their maternity session, we really got to know each other. And they’re awesome and I’m so glad they’re procreating. It just proved to me that my clients are always the coolest people amen.

awesome dance party
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Liz & Spencer

Riverside on the Potomac Wedding Pictures

Weddings / 2016 . 04 . 29

I met Liz and Spencer when they partied hard (Liz with a broken leg, no less) at their friends wedding a few years ago. It didn’t stop them from joining in on the dance floor which was the best kind of foreshadowing for their own wedding day. A halloween wedding with jack-o-lanterns, fall foliage all around, tables full of candies, and beer that never stopped flowing as everyone danced in the little barn at the Riverside on the Potomac. 

This is how you party.