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Baltimore Photography Studio: Maps and Danish Modern Interior Design

Some of you have already visited our Baltimore photography studio, but I can’t get over how much I love it.


Having a Baltimore photography studio has been kind of really amazing. I can’t figure out which is better the “it’s so good to be able to work not-in-my-livingroom” bit or the “after five years I can share a *bunch* of albums and I didn’t even have to carry them to the coffee shop” bit. They’re both equally good. A lot of our 2014 and 2015 clients have already gotten the tour of the Baltimore studio I share with Sam Hurd and I’m excited to share it with everyone else now, too!

Sam and I found this office space last June upon moving to Baltimore. Annnnddd it took us 3 months just to move two desks in. A desk here (mine is from Craigslist), table there (Restoration Hardware anyone?), then the decision to paint was made, we changed out the light fixtures (from Urban Outfitters), and found a few treasures at a local store, Trohv. Slowly, all of the furniture trickled in. As I filled pots with succulents (purchased here because I’m a serial plant killer) we decided what to put on the walls. I wanted color everywhere. I love primary and secondary colors and chose a lot of greens and blues to contrast with the warm brick wall and warm wood flooring. Sam wanted darker tones and he picked mostly grays, black, and white for his side. I incorporated the earth into mine (globes, a vintage pull-down school map from Ebay, posters of water, lots of plants, and bronze figurines) and his desk area was moon themed in contrast, with galvanized tins and black and white prints hung in a grid. Funnily enough, the hardest part was deciding on the photos of ours to hang, which we finally had printed and mounted on bamboo and hung salon style above the couch.

I’m doing a post about the prints of ours soon! For photographers, selecting not just which photos but *how* those photos will be hung/printed/mounted was a task *equal* to decorating a studio. 

I’m just excited to share it. Starting out, it was already a really killer space to decorate (Seriously! See the before and after’s here) but now we have a place we personalized for ourselves and our clients. So I’m happy. We have a place to work, tons of albums to go through, and a place to hang some prints that we love. I adore it.

All Baltimore Photography Studio Photos by Nessa K

  • Aaron DuRall - Would SO live there. Seriously, though, y’all kicked some butt with this place. A definite model for others looking to get into a studio space.

  • Melissa - Your space is so beautiful! I long for the day I can decorate a studio space (and not work out of my living room…)! :)

  • Greta Tucker - Congratulations, Nessa! I am so very happy for you:) the studio looks amazing.

  • Александр Козлов - probably,the best place in the world :)

  • Jason Lucas - This is so rad! Where did you guys score that safety deposit box table? And Sam's style is totally my vibe. Love your space, Nessa. You guys are awesome.

  • Danny Gorman - Pretty awesome setup you got there!

  • Ilona Joy - Fantastic! The ceiling is breathtaking. What an excellent space to meet with clients and get creative :j

  • Nessa Kessinger - We bought the postal boxes from a vintage store and had someone make the table top and piece them together. :)

  • Monica Day - I love, love, love this space!!!

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  • Rita Kovtun - I have to ask – where, oh where, did you find the post office boxes?

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