A Summer Wedding

Katie & Casey

  • Venue
    Aspen Wye River
  • Planner
    Lemon & Lime Event Design
  • Videography
    Shark Pig

I met Katie and Casey and their Frenchie baby on a rainy day in Baltimore. We stood in a park, under a picnic shelter, and we talked about our love of dogs and how they met and how their careers had shifted over the years. It was a lovely way to get to know someone — with the sound of giant rain drops hitting wood above our heads. 

But their wedding at Aspen Wye River was something else. The weather was perfect. It wasn’t too warm, the breeze from waters tricking from the Wye River, flowing out to the Atlantic washed over the land to cool us down. There was gold, there were flowers everywhere, there was a French bulldog soaking up all the love Katie and Casey had to give and there was an incredible band, The Bayside Tigers, who specialize in mostly playing 90s songs. 

A wedding with fireworks, farmland, a Frenchie, flowers? Yes please. 

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