best of dc wedding photography

Nessa K Short Films

are highly edited short films that
narrate your wedding day.

I’ve always loved that films were once called “moving pictures” and memories feel a bit like that; flashes of the warm smiles of the people who came to support you, happy tears, sharing food with family, dancing, laughing, and that first moment alone, married and in love.


I create short films to show how love feels. On wedding days, love feels like the billowing clouds over your ceremony; the mountains surrounding a small farm wedding; a foggy city scape on a cold morning; the candle filled lamps and Italian string lights in the evening long after sunset.

These tiny moments are hand-made and ornate, fleeting and perfect. All of life is peppered with tiny moments of perfection.

I just want to capture a bit of it.


  • For Love of Sunlight

  • Laura + Sam


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artistic wedding pictures by nessa k in washington dc

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