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A Minimalist Engagement Session: You You & Peter

When I met with You You and Peter, we spent most of our time just talking about how much they love to travel and their love of good food. From that first conversation I knew we’d be a perfect fit. You You and Peter are awesome people and fabulous clients. Truly; and I know how lucky I am to always have amazing clients. I get some of the most funny, friendly, and incredibly stylish folks around.

And when I say stylish, I mean it! During this session, You You was actually stopped and photographed by a fashion blog for her outfit. That has to be THE best “you look great today” compliment someone can receive!

This engagement session was featured by the awesome ladies at Brooklyn Bride, if you’d like to stop by and check out that feature! I adore this session and I’m so happy to be sharing it. Minimalist locations, lovely couple, amazing light; just two people, in love.

  • Leah Muse - So gorgeous and relaxed! ADORE the shot of them through the window. You You is SO stylin’ :)

  • Nick - Beautiful work Nessa. I really love the relaxed feel and the colors are great!

  • benj haisch - nessa. you absolutely MURDERED this session! I LOVE it.

  • Scott Stater - Really cool session. Love the story they tell. Lots of variety too. Great job!

  • clint shuttlesworth - beautiful.

  • Jakob - Lovely. Relaxed is the word, and your style is rad!

  • Chris Lin - Very Nessa, and very Austin.

  • Dwayne D.C. Tucker II - Nessa K,

    It’s been a while sense I’ve stopped by your blog to show some love, however, I’m always on your twitter showing some love.

    Talking about love, I love these images because I feel the love between the to. You once again, captured everything beautifully. I admire you constant push with your photography and I love that we have something both in common, hustling for what we love.

    On that note…let’s keep our shared gift going; keep on hustlin’

    until next time,
    Nassau, Bahamas | Miami, Florida

  • Kristi Wright - She is so pretty. This is one of my favorite of your sessions, Nessa!

  • Elissa - Every time I see your work, I just think “LOVE!” Amazing. As always. Love the blogging kick you’re on ;)

  • Danielle Daigle - Such a fun session. Love the photos, especially that last black and white one!!

  • Becca Dilley - Great mix of stuff – cute, funny, serious, romantic – nice job!

  • sharon - wow, i love this. i also love that her name is you you:)

  • gabe aceves - yes! beautiful stuff nessa. the first bw image ftw.

  • alexbee - Amazing. Love the tones in this set. You have a way with making GREENS so gorgeous. My favorite is number 27!

  • Jimmy - Beautiful work! I love the first one with the escalator and the one through the windows.

  • Hilary Mercer - Awe, they look so in love. :) I love all of her outfits.

  • Drew W - Oh my gosh, these are absolutely amazing, Nessa. Way to make amazing images in everyday locations. It’s very inspiring.

  • Kelsey - Beautiful work. These are absolutely beautiful.

  • Alicia Kennison - So many great shots in here. Great shoot! You You certainly is a stylish lady too. :)

  • Lisa Novakowski - Amazing work, Nessa, I love it all, but my faves have to be the window shots, no, the stairs, no, wait, the ones in the underpass. Okay, so I love them all… the couple is gorgeous, and so are your photos.

  • ed peers - Killer work Nessa… love your compositions and the atmosphere.

  • Dustin Hall - So beautiful, these are great!

  • Louisa Coulthurst - I love this session – great photography – the one of the couple looking out of the window is my favourite! Brillant use of locations on the session!

  • Marianne Wilson - Love your processing Nessa. The 3rd one down and the second set from the top are my favorites. They look so sweet and relaxed. There is a perfect mix of funky and romantic.

  • Jean - These are just fantastic, Nessa! You’ve done it again! Love this set.

  • Brian Davis - Love your style…fun and super clean. Excellent job!

  • renee - What a fantastic engagement session. I love all the different moods throughout. Great work!

  • François Bergeron - Very creative!

  • Nikole - It is no big deal or anything but I’m in love with this session. How gorgeous!

  • Caroline Ghetes - Love all of these but that first shot is just way stunning!

  • Kat Forsyth - Awesome sauce! So different, without being crazy. Love it!

  • Darin Collison - Great images. Really stylish, but intimate and loving. Nicely done.

  • Jenny Meng - Beautiful photos, Nessa. I like the way you see things. That last shot – such a fabulous anticipatory moment.

  • David Robertson - rahd!! minimalism win!

  • Kristin Nicole - I just LOVE how clean, simple and stunning this session is. Great job!

  • Becca Dilley - Love those group shots – so much energy!

  • Heather - I love the second to last set. Gorgeous work!!

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