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A rainy day wedding, peppered with primary colors, crystals, and so much love.

Katie and Tim were married in a valley on Katie’s family’s communal farm on the banks of the Shenandoah River.  They were surrounded by primary colored prayer flags all day. There was a misty fog hanging low on the mountain sides and a lush green world surrounded them. A folk band set up their string instruments in a barn to practice before the ceremony, windows and doors were left open as everyone got ready, listening to the sounds of the storm flourish and subside as the minutes crept by, drawing closer to their ceremony time.

At some point, a call was made to keep it outside, rain or shine. And so it was… and it was brilliant. I want this to always be the rain plan. A sea of brightly colored domes, families huddled close together, listening eagerly to vows being given over the pat pat pat of raindrops falling on red and yellow and blue striped umbrellas. By the end of the ceremony, the rain was completely gone.

And then it stayed clear for the rest of the evening. Children traipsed through the valley’s clearing, playing tag and games, Katie and Tim hugged their guests who traveled in from all over to see them, and the night ended with a celebration of fireworks, lights to fill the sky that was darkened all day with cloud cover.

Rainy days are seriously underrated.

All photos by Washington DC Wedding Photographers Nessa K

  • Heather Elizabeth - This is one of the most darling weddings that I have ever seen. I’m pretty sure you were meant to shoot it <3 So beautiful.

  • rebekah j. - this wedding looks like such a sweet joy to attend. and that rain plan <3

    gorgeously lived + remembered.