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I love this pre-wedding bridal session at sunset we shot in lieu of an engagement session. (by Baltimore engagement photographers Nessa K)

I love how Baltimore and DC are just a 30 minute drive from farmland; from orchards, fields, and dirt roads. It makes it easy to drive to sunrise sessions in Baltimore on the harbor, an engagement session in a sunflower fieldsunrise sessions in DC, and sunset sessions in downtown Baltimore; a quick drive to each as they’re all within an hour of each other. The hour of driving and your views of cityscapes, brick walls, and blue shadows looming behind tall buildings fade to wide open fields, soft breezes and glowing sunsets. It makes life in the city oh so good.

Tina and Trent were in the thick of planning their wedding in Philadelphia, in a venue downtown, in November, when they mentioned they were wanting to get all dressed up as bride and groom before the wedding. I immediately imagined them in this field at sunset I had found a few weeks before and I was so excited they agreed to come down from Philadelphia for the session.

They wanted the big reveal on the wedding day; to wait until the first look before their ceremony to see each other in their wedding outfits, so they opted for different outfits. Trent was to wear a traditional Filipino wedding shirt on the wedding day, so he came to the session in a full, fitted suit while Tina decided to wear a different dress so they could keep the surprised looks and the emotional suspense, but still get portraits as bride and groom together to juxtapose the urban photos from their wedding day.

We spun in fields until darkness kept over the pasture and this… is how sunset sessions are done.

All photos by Baltimore engagement photographers Nessa K

  • Aaron DuRall - Smashing. That warm sun! Love everything about this!

  • Caroline - Nessa these are simply gorgeous. Just beautiful, lady.

  • dorothy - lovely

Autumn elopement in New York City by Elopement NYC photographer Nessa K.

This post was long overdue. I love that New York City is just a 2 hour train ride away from Baltimore. I can walk to the station from my house, read a book on the ride, spend the afternoon photographing lovely people like Rachael and Trusten, grab hot cocoa with the lovely Akilah (who I had the great fortune to photograph a while back), then be back in Baltimore by the end of the day. Fall weather, crisp air, and a view of the NYC skyline. I just adore New York in the fall.

  • Heather Elizabeth - Nessa my darling friend, this is beautiful. These two have just so much elegance and grace. Beautiful picture taking <3

  • Tomasz Wagner - These are wonderful frames, Nessa. Particularly love the third one!

  • Aaron DuRall - Nessa, you consistently remain one of my favorite photographers for one big reason, you kick the butt. All the time. For a short post, you still managed to capture all the feels.

    Post moar blogs! :)

  • Алексей Бахуров - Просто чудесные фотографии)